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Meet Our Group Members

We are a team of chemists, engineers and biologists working on the design and development of novel metal-organic frameworks using computational methods and working in the lab. Our work is strongly collaborative in nature and we are always looking for new opportunities with academia and industry.

We are constantly searching for outstanding students and postdocs who are enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research. To find out more and to see current opportunities within our group, please visit our jobs pages. If you want to start an MPhil or a PhD with us, we would encourage you to look here where you can find the different possibilities available from the University. In order to receive funding from the University, you will need to demonstrate an outstanding GPA and reference letters, showing that you are among the top students of your cohort. We are also open to proposals integrated in the NanoDTC and the CamBridgeSens.

We are also open to postdoctoral candidates looking for fellowships as well as collaborators interested in visiting us.