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Our Research Themes

Our research lies at the interface between chemical engineering, materials science and biotechnology using molecular simulations, advanced experimental techniques and engineering to design new nanoporous materials. In particular, we focus on the study of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), one of the most exciting development in recent porous materials science.MOFs present potential applications in many areas,including several promising uses in biomedical and industrial areas of gas separationand storage. In MOFs, the self-assembly of metal ions or clusters, which act as coordination centres, linked together by a variety of polyatomic organic bridging ligands, results in tailored nanoporous host materials with a vast structural diversity. The most striking advantage of MOFs over more traditional porous materials, such as zeolites or activated carbons, is the possibility to tune the host / guest interaction by choosing the appropriate building blocks and topologies.

We aim to exploit the new opportunities these materials can offer compared with classical porous materials. Our main research areas are the following:

  • Computational Simulations
  • MOF Engineering
  • Gas Adsorption and Storage
  • Drug Delivery
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We welcome collaborations, so feel free to get in touch with us with any research proposal.